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...or Samantha, or Sammi depending on how you know me!

A lot of people have been asking how in the world I picked up cross stitch. I get a lot of "isn't that for old ladies?" Well truth is..... I kinda am an old lady.. at heart anyways! (Just ask my fiance) On a more serious note- I am a long time creative and was looking for a "socially distanced" hobby to pick up during quarantine and cross stitch was what I landed on. It's something I can do anywhere and it makes for a really great and thoughtful gift! 

Outside of cross stitch I am also a full time executive assistant and part time photographer as well as a dog/plant mom and fiance.

Am I busy? Heck yeah!

Do I love it? Absolutely!!

I am an enneagram Type 2, so I LOVE giving thoughtful gifts (and I'm really good at it!) I PROMISE this is the best gift I have given anyone so far. Literally EVERYONE loves them. Who knew?!?! 

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